Art vs. Science in Sales

Combining art (the human element) and science (data), requires sales leadership to know how to interact with people and data to inform strategy. Data has become increasingly important, yet the human element remains essential for making good choices that impact company decisions.

1. What is the mix of art and science in sales leadership?
Effective sales leadership is now a blend of art and science. A decade ago, the mix might have been 70% art (human interaction and sales skills) and 30% science (data and technology).

2. How has the balance between art and science in sales leadership changed over time?
Over time the importance of science in sales has greatly increased. But the art side doesn’t go away. People continue to make major business decisions that impact overall company performance.

3. How does the use of data influence the art of sales?
The human side of sales is becoming increasingly more effective with better data to inform strategy and technology to improve engagement.